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Sam Souls & his Kids
The Heartbreak Of Children Growing Up.
As I approached with Indigo on my shoulders and Suni in my slipstream, I could see a glistening silhouette Jesi was climbing the tree he was elated and now shouting to me, “Daddy Daddy look, I did it on my own, look how high I am, Daddy.”
Happy Soul Boys
Mountain Bike Ride With My Boy’s.
I had held back the boys Christmas presents; second hand Cube MTB bikes collected from Chesterfield in early December 2020 as a surprise present. We had been through the chaos of unwrapping presents since the early hours of Christmas Day and the excitement had reached its natural plateau by 11am.
Sam Souls Cold Therapy
Cold Water Therapy & Human Connections
Never the less it has been. It’s been hard for everyone and we all deal with our emotions band our health in different ways. Something I’ve felt extremely strongly about my whole life is the ownership of my experience.