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Mental Health Attack By Mainstream Media On The UK Public

Mental Health Attack By Mainstream Media On The UK Public

Its been a heavy year for all of us, and I’ve considered myself and my family very lucky as we have maintained our minds and choices throughout the ‘Din of Death’ created and funded by government policy and distributed by mainstream media.

We have done extensive research of our own into all the pandemic elements, from masks & vaccines, lockdowns & R-rates to freedom of speech. We have followed closely the manipulation of data to facilitate military, media, policing and surveillance law change. We have learned of the strategic use of ‘applied psychology’ from specialist government units like SPI-B and 77th Brigade to seed fear and harvest reaction data from the UK public. We have watched friends and broader family decimated by the constant fear and profiteering.

We have seen the freedom of conversation deleted from peoples social media pages. We have had our communities torn into two warring factions that fight between themselves and fail to see the HORROR that is being bestowed upon us by a government and corporate machine that has lost its way entirely to greed and control.

When I have to go out into the wider world to public places like the schoolyard or the shops, I realise just how lost we are as individuals. We no longer believe ourselves, we no longer stand for our own beliefs, we no longer trust a neighbour; moreover, we suspect each other, and we are implicit in our mental collapse.

I do not wear a mask. I have not worn a mask, nor have my family. Other than during a flight to France on a family holiday in July 2020. At that point, my wife and I only did this to enable our trip. Still, it did not sit well with our conscience. We were made to feel further frustrated by the lacklustre belief in their safety by those administering their compulsory use at every turn we made. Since that trip, we have not worn masks again. The research shows; clearly, they do not protect us; on the contrary, they create adverse effects of all kinds, short term and long term, physical and mental.

This feeling has been creeping back into my world as the multi-media threat of Covid-19 is rebranded into mutant variants and super spreader anti-vaxxer narratives that further divide us via our phones and our TVs. I must ask this here now; why do people not understand their behaviour? Why do people not apply their real-world experience to their judgement? Why do people NEED to be told what to do, how to do it, when to do it by corrupted establishments like government and pharmaceutical companies that we KNOW have lied countless times to the public to further their interests, powers and profits? All this is occurring in the real world, the physical world, our actual reality where 99.9% of people are unaffected, and of those who do contract the rebranded flu/common cold, dice with a 99.7% survival rate.

The hardest thing for me is watching the critical mass of people throw away their futures, ownership, integrity, friendships, family bonds, dignity to big business and the government that now rules by decree. We have enabled dark powers to grip tighter, and now we are enforcing this horror on one another in our homes and in our streets. We are heading towards biological apartheid, and families, communities and friends will destroy each other. Freedom and liberty will never return if our bodies are no longer sovereign. Trust among us; the people will never return if it is indeed us, the people who enforce such draconian ownership by the state for the state upon ourselves.

The numbers, the data do not support masks. So how did we arrive here, handing over our bodies without so much as a whimper, judging and discriminating against our own families our own friends?  How did we end up doing the bidding for the most powerful mafia on planet Earth?

When the government and corporate power combine, we have fascism.
When people turn against each other, we have a civil war.
When our children grow up, they will come to understand what we did and what we did not do!

Who are we now?

Who are you?

Do you critically think for yourself?

Are you a fundamentally good person?

Do you care about others?

Do you seek out your own perspective or do you wait to be told who and what you are by big brother?

It’s these questions we must ask ourselves and without doubt, we must understand that our freedom depends upon the answers!