Happy Soul Boys
Mountain Bike Ride With My Boy’s.

So the day finally came A Mountain Bike Ride With My Boys.

I had been seeding the idea to the boys in the lead up to the big day that I would fix up their ageing BMX’s, add the new LED lights, and generally attempted to stoke the dying fire for embracing the cold for a good old bike ride.

I had held back my boys Christmas presents; second-hand Cube Mountain bikes collected from Chesterfield in early December 2020 as a surprise present. We had been through the chaos of unwrapping presents since the early hours of Christmas Day, and the excitement had reached its natural plateau by 11am.

So, when I led them out to the back garden to fit their new lights to their old bikes, they were a gasp that there were no bikes in the garden? “Oh no,” I said, “someone must have seen me working on them, and they’ve stolen them” “daddy, I think some naughty people have taken our bikes” “let’s go look out here guys let’s double-check behind the gate”, and two new bikes were resting against the wall! “Wow daddy are these ours – Did Santa bring them” I assured them these were from Mummy and Daddy and that they were big boy bikes to which they were elated and beaming of course.

Watching them weave around the court to the rear of our home, excited nervous, fast faster than they’d been used to on their previous irons against the bite of the December air it bought back some fond memories for me as I too had once received a surprise Mountain bike at a similar age and in a similar way from my Dad. That was a powerful and meaningful thing for me to do. To pass on in an almost traditional ceremonial way it was rewarding in ways I can’t describe – not the material fact of the present it’s self or even the proud feeling I had for the cunning acquisition of such quality bikes for such excellent value, but the magic and the memories we had created for them in their little worlds and of course the next chapter of opportunities for adventures that await us.

“Shall we go for a ride boys…”