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Podcasts Freedom Of Speech & Censorship 2021

Podcasts Freedom Of Speech & Censorship Can We Talk?

It has begun and Chew The Chat Podcast is limping into 2021 along with everyone else, confused, fearful and a little bit angry. What is happening with censorship, and freedom of speech? Who can we trust? Where should we put our attention? These are all questions most of us are probing every day. Whether it is deciding which news channel to watch or which podcast to follow, who’s opinion to consider, we know the truth is out there we just can’t see it or hear it.

2020 was Chew The Chat Podcast’s first year of broadcasting as a podcast and what a year it has been. We have navigated our way through the extremely confusing and ever-changing rules of the tier system, lockdown, masks or no masks, we’ve been maintaining safe distances from our fellow human beings, and all the while as we have followed orders our instincts have been screaming at us the contrary. What is happening to freedom of speech?

We,  Aidan and I (Sam Souls) made a decision right up front that we would be proceeding with our work and creating our podcasts, documenting the Epoque as it unravelled. This is something I’m very proud and pleased about as Chew The Chat Podcast has built a week-by-week diary of the times with a whole host of different people and their experiences and views to one day look back on no doubt in disbelief! Of course, it’s been difficult arranging guests to the studio – some people are scared and cautious and others are simply not but we’ve managed and met some amazing and inspiring people along the way.

But what does the future hold for us? We know that censorship on the Web has been a key part of the Governments strategy to behold the people’s attention in the direction it so requires for some time now but the news in December that key members of Government held meetings with the likes of Facebook, Youtube, Google and more.. to further direct the narrative away from anything that does not resemble a government pitch with the help of new laws restricting the freedom of speech was and IS extremely scary  – far scarier than this so-called ‘viral pandemic’ and certainly more so than the good old flu mutations we’ve faced year on year for millennia. 

Between my husband and Dad duties this Christmas holiday I’ve been meditating on this; what does the future look for us all, but in this case what does it look like for little podcasters like me who use YouTube, Google, Instagram, etc to host our content (I hate that term) umm… how about, to be the conduit from us to the viewer/listener if you will? That’s better. Much like the conclusion, I arrived at in the real world a couple of years back; that we must devolve into smaller communities again, communities that require us to be accountable, committed, and responsible for our giving and our taking. The kind of community that rewards us in meaningful ways with tangible satisfaction a community that is not drowning in the responsibility-free opulence of its mesmerizing abundance. 

So armed with these thoughts that by this time were steering my every other conversation I was contacted rather timely by a wonderful company by the name of FortyMilesWest that follow the podcast and who extended an offer I couldn’t refuse; to build us our own website. Fantastic! Perfect! 

It’s moments like these that remind me of the good old days of podcasting when the underground web of punk upstarts willing each other on was seemingly the only order of the day. So several meeting’s later and lots of exciting ideas bounced we have launched this simple little site that will grow with the podcast and become the hub, the real estate if you will of our baby, and as the landscape fades into censorship, controlled narrative, and tyranny you and I can still speak our minds and share our thoughts no matter how ill-fitting they may be to someone else somehow somewhere on this giant rock we used to share. 

If you enjoy the podcast if you just like the idea of holding on to sovereignty then sign up for the newsletter drop by the site send us a message and let’s connect, and as Uncle Terence McKenna used to say let’s…

‘find the others’