Shaun Attwood Meets Sam Souls
Shaun Attwood Meets Sam Souls

Chew The Chat Podcast had our 1st anniversary on the 27th of January 2021.

One year of podcasting is in the bag and, it’s been a blast. So what better way for us to celebrate than to be invited onto Shaun Attwoods ‘True Crime Podcast’. Shaun, it turns out, is by this time a big fan of Chew The Chat Podcast. Now, this means a lot to me personally as I’ve been a fan of Shaun’s show since episode 1.

For those who may not yet know of the True Crime Podcast, Shaun interviews a whole host of people, many of whom have been in the prison system, mainly ex-convicts who have gone on to rebuild their lives, often campaigning to help young people to make better life decisions. I found Shaun’s approach and subject matter to be both genuine and essential and, with over 650K subscribers and regularly hitting 4Million views per month, I’m not alone.

Having lived through some difficult times and walked the line so often retold on the True Crime Podcast, I realized that it helped me make sense of some of the experiences I had lived through and, this was extremely valuable to my self-development.

So, I was inspired to push through with my concept for my podcast. Finally!
Chew The Chat Podcast is my way of expressing myself and asking the ultimate question; what does it mean to be a happy, healthy Human being and, how do we achieve this?

In our first year, we have spoken to a wide range of people, covering many topics. From a life of crime to ecstatic dance, permaculture farming, psychedelics for health, martial arts, world travel, toolmaking, wild camping, homeschooling, music producing, the arts, mental health, parenting, trauma, skydiving, fame, drug abuse, and so much more, it has been a hell of a first year. So being invited onto Shaun’s podcast gave Producer Aidan and Me a sense of achievement and excitement that what we are building is impacting.

As for Shaun himself, he was a gent and looked after us with a genuine welcome and surprised us with his knowledge of Chew The Chat Podcast; his bursting energy for our vibe and output was beautiful to behold and, we had a fantastic day indeed with Shaun and his team.

So keep your eyes out for the Shaun Attwood True Crime Podcast with Sam Souls episode. Shaun asked me probing questions about my podcast; why I have chosen to take the route I have with the general topics and themes. Of course, it led to me opening up in a brutally honest response, revealing my own story of my formative years, that may or may not contextualize snippets and bits so far alluded to within Chew The Chat episodes to date.

And so, one year in and we are more inspired than ever to keep building Chew The Chat. To continue searching for answers, to keep connecting people and ideas. Please do stay with us as we dive in deep, looking for the elixir to a happy and healthy life that we could all share.

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